Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask Review

This review will look at the Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask which is the second entry whisky in the Balvenie core range. Following this review I’ll also be reviewing the whole Balvenie core range which consist of a 17yr Doublewood and a 21yr Portwood. This expression is one of a few whiskies to be finished in the unique Caribbean Rum Cask.

The Balvenie distillery is located in the heart of Dufftown in Speyside, Scotland. It’s also located near its sister distilleries Glenfiddich and Kininvie. So the Balvenie 14 Year old Caribbean Cask is aged in a combination of Traditional whisky oak casks and finished off in a Caribbean Rum casks, it’s also bottled at an abv of 40% however I also have a 43% miniature. It’s a whisky that can also be found in supermarkets and local shops here in the UK for approximately £52, so without further ado let’s get into the tasting notes.


Tasting Notes:
Colour: Sunburst Amber.
Nose: On the nose rum soaked raisins, citrus in tangerines & sun soaked Seville oranges, honey, cinnamon and even tropical notes of banana cream. Grated nutmeg, along with dates and vanilla.
Palate: On the palate the texture is a little more richer than expected with a medium texture, sweet spices begin to introduce themselves reminding me of cinnamon powder infused with honey, vanilla and blood orange peel, along with rum and raisin ice cream following a slight oaky character. After giving it a little time to settle in the glass I find notes of dark chocolate but not too dark accompanied by sticky dates and freshly prepared fruit cake mix.
Finish: The finish of this makes me think of dark chocolate notes continued over from the palate paired with a combination of rum soaked dry fruit; raisins, dates, figs and plums ending on notes of sweet tobacco and creamy vanilla.


AGE: 14 Years
ABV: 40%
CASKS: Tradition Whisky Casks + Caribbean Rum Casks.
DISTILLERY: The Balvenie Distillery
COMPANY: William Grant & Sons
REGION/ORIGIN: Speyside, Scotland
PRICE: £52.00


Comments: My opinion on the Balvenie 14 Year old Caribbean Cask is that it is a unique style of finishing as Caribbean casks are not often used and the way in which Balvenie’s Master Distiller David Stewart combines the casks together is sheer brilliance. For the flavour profile I really enjoy this dram from nose to finish as if offers up a nice tropical fruitier and sweeter notes. As for the question of is it worth it, I’d have to say yes as its so unique and if you have a sweeter toothe this will be right up your alley. I will also be purchasing a bottle of this but also leaves me wondering imagine a longer maturation in a rum cask. Let me know your thoughts on the Balvenie 14yr and if you’ve tried it. Slainte!


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