My Trip to Scotland 7 Distilleries Tours in 4 Days Summary

I’ve been away from creating blog posts over the past couple weeks as I’ve been concentrating more on the YouTube aspect of whisky vlogging, where I review whiskies through video instead of a blog post and got a few things planned for the future. If you haven’t already seen my YouTube channel then I’ll leave a link to it here which will take you directly to my channel.

During this time and more in the past week I visited Scotland and over the period of 4 days visited 7 distilleries. Now these distilleries are located all over the place from the Lowlands as I was based in Glasgow, to the Campbeltown and even a couple from the Highlands. As you would see from the featured picture I’ve acquired a glass from every distillery I visit as its a memento to remember the tour and also in some cases will have bottles purchased from the Distillery. (Each of the Distillery names below will have links to their respective websites or a social media.)

Distilleries visited in order are as followed:
Auchentoshan Distillery
Glengoyne Distillery
Glen Scotia Distillery
Springbank Distillery (also Longrow & Hazelburn)
Glengyle Distillery (Kilkerran Whisky)
Dewars Aberfeldy Distillery
Glenturret Distillery (Famous Grouse Experience)

So starting this week I’ll be writing about each distillery, the atmosphere, its tours and featuring some must do’s when you visit these places as each as its own uniqueness but also allowing you to discover the magic behind each distillery when you visit them yourself. I look forward to composing these for you and also future distillery tours in the future.

Be sure to also follow my social media’s so you can stay up to date will all my travels and upcoming trips to distilleries:
Twitter: @JasonVaswani
Instgram: @JasonWhiskyWise
Facebook: @JasonWhiskyWise


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