Black Friday 2017 Whisky Review

As you know Black Friday is one of the craziest days in the year where everyone is headhunting deals all over the place. Same applies to the whisky industry where you look for bottles which have great savings and reductions compared to their regular retail price. This year I was lucky to be sent a sample of the new release called the ‘Black Friday 2017’ from the Whisky Exchange. Last year the Whisky Exchange decided to release a few cases which they found of the discontinued GlenDronach 15 Year Old Revival to the market and this year decided to do something completely different to the market. The Announced the release of a bottle known as Black Friday 2017 which is a mysterious whisky.

All we know about the whisky is that its a 16 Year Old whisky from a Speyside distillery and being a Single Cask bottling, bottled at an Abv of 54.6%, Only 582 bottles are available from the whisky exchange @ £60 and once they’re gone its all gone. According to the name it does sound like their will be more then one release in the future as the name states the year. As we have got a sample lets move into my tasting notes on this mysterious whisky. I’d like to have a guess at the end of tasting to see if I can pin point the distillery I feel it is as I love blind tastings especially trying to guess distilleries.

My Tasting Notes:
Colour: Old Amber

Nose: Caramelised Red Delicious Apples, Freshly Cut Green Grass. Molasses, Kiwi, which is something I very rarely pick up in whiskies, Dried Raspberries and now dark sherried fruits such as prunes and raisins alone with a ripe conference pear at the end.

Palate: Light Texture, On arrival to the palate the spicy character really start to show its power. Lots of mouth warming spice some to mind, ginger, black pepper, all spice. After holding it and allowing the spices to fade a citrus note appears in grapefruit and lemon with a slight bitter touch but sweetens out into a liquorice note. Now the dark fruits start to emerge in full Dark Plums, as it develops the texture changes slightly now into a light medium as it becomes slightly richer and a coffee note start to make a bolder appearance, Funny enough like a Tiramisu with a over coffee’d base ending slightly bitter.

Finish: On the finish its has a long dry finish, those notes of spices are now evolving into a herbal character as their are slow in fading on the sides and the back palate, a dark liquorice comes back before completely fading.

Comments: From the nosing of this whisky I was really bent on it being a oloroso sherry maturation as the nose was nice sweet and fruity but as it tasted the whisky for some reason it makes me want to move to a pedro ximinez maturation with all its spices which were really unexpected. However when I think about this whisky a little longer, adding a little water wouldn’t hurt. The spice profile for me was a little over powering in the beginning but after sometime become a bit more tame. This is not a bad whisky for a 16yr Speyside at £60 and cask strength. All the boxes seem to say you cant go wrong. As for my suggestion on the distillery I’ve got a feeling it might be Dailuaine but then again only the Whisky Exchange will know, what will be in store for next year?  If you picked this up this bottle let me know your thoughts on this expression.


Thank you to the Whisky Exchange for allowing me to try this sample.


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