profile-picMy name is Jason and I’m a self confessed whisky and fine spirits enthusiast sometimes also call myself a Connoisseur, exploring what the world has to offer in travel and tasting liquid gold that is whisky wherever I go!

The way in which I found a passion for whisky is through a friend “Bo” who worked in the industry selling a variety of malts and thus began my curiosity into what is whisky and what makes them all different. Initially what started with trying to gain an understanding behind the production and reading tasting notes but it became clear that I needed to taste the whiskies to distinguish the differences. So now its become a journey to unravel every whisky that was made provided I have access to them and provide my tasting notes along with some history with this liquid which carries not only depth in taste but history captured in a cask.

My very first dram was given to me from my friend “Vimal” who worked in the airport with me, I was flying out to Washington and wanted to try the Balvenie 25yr Triple cask but he decided to give me the ‘Auchentoshan Solera’ as he said I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the flavour behind the 25yr Triple cask which looking back today I’m grateful for as its inspired me to appreciate whisky. The Auchentoshan Solera left my tastebuds travelling on a flavour rollercoaster, at the time I still didn’t understand the complexity behind the whisky but the inner warmth which developed from this dram left a very memorable experience and helped me to pronounce the name “Auch-En-Taw-Shan!”

So I hope you join me on my adventure exploring whiskies and other spirits along the way, Slainte Mhath!


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